At NorCal Kayak Adventures, our goal is to find the TOP FISHING locations in California!  We have over 20+ years of combined experience fishing all along the West Coast.  From saltwater to fresh, we love fishing here at NKA, exploring all the different species that California has to offer.  We’ve put together some of our favorite seasonal trips to share with you guys.  We hope that it inspires you to get outenjoy the outdoors, and flat out catch more fish! 


From the mountains, to the bay, to the deep blue sea, we can help teach you to get outside and enjoy everything the northern California waterways have to offer.  Whether you want to hunt halibut inside the San Francisco bay, haul traps for dungeness crab along the coast, or hook into some beautiful rainbow trout in the fresh water, we’ve got you covered. 

Halibut – California halibut abound in the SF bay from early spring through summer, and are extremely delicious.

Salmon – King salmon season runs from April through November, although closures are common, and these fish can yield some of the most exciting fishing to be had along our coast.

Rockfish – A specialty of our guides, a variety of rockfish are available from March through December. We also combine this with the popular…..

Dungeness Crab – Our dungees are world class, and the best part? Traps can soak while you fish for other things!

Rainbow trout and Kokanee – Northern California has a number of great opportunities for freshwater fishing, and we’d love to get you on those fish!

Steelhead – Yes, steelhead are really just rainbows that found salt water, but these monsters can really bend a rod!

Safety – The number one priority of any kayak trip is to be able to get home safely, and our instructors can help make sure that every trip is one where you will arrive alive.